D28715; 14" DEWALT Chop Saw.

Dewalt Chop sawKeyless blade clamp allows quick, hassle free blade change
Electronic soft start to limit start-up current and kick back reaction
High power abrasion protected motor delivers high overload capabilities for greater durability. Keyless mitre adjustments for quick and simple operations

RAGE41852EU; 185mm Chop saw.

185mm ChopsawAn all new concept; easier to use than a hacksaw and far more portable than a cut off saw.
Evolution are proud to introduce the RAGE4® ADVAN-SAW. An award winning
product which will easily cut Steel, Aluminium and Wood (even wood with nails),
using just one blade. Utilising RAGE® technology the cut is fast and clean. When
cutting steel the machine cuts cold (no coolant is required) producing
no burr and very few sparks, leaving the material instantly workable.
The RAGE4® is the perfect tool for slicing through threaded bar, bolt
trimming and other small awkward applications.

RAGE23552EU; 355mm Chopsaw.

355mm ChopsawThis incredible cut off saw comprehensively out-performs abrasive saws.
Featuring RAGE® technology (PATENT PENDING), utilising a TCT blade
rather than an abrasive wheel it has the ability to cut Steel, Aluminium
and Wood with a single blade. The cut is fast, clean with no burr and
virtually no sparks.

EVO3552EU; 355mm TCT Steel Cut Off saw.

355mm ChopsawThe extraordinary EVO355 cut off saw cuts steel,
aluminium and stainless steel without heat, burrs or coolant.

Brand Part Nbr Disc Diameter Motor RPM Thickness Of Cut /Steel plate Voltage
 Dewalt D28715  355mm Abrasive  2200W  4000rpm  Uses Abrasive disc  230mm
Evolution RAGE41852EU 185mm TCT Steel Blade. 1250W 3500rpm 6mm  230V
Evolution RAGE23552EU 355mm TCT Steel Blade. 2000W 1450rpm 12mm  230V
Evolution EVO3552EU 355mm TCT Steel Blade. 2200W 1450rpm 12mm  230V
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