Manufacturer: Johnson And Allen, UK.

Electromagnet / AC Yoke

  • Ever Popular Electro Magnet. Manufactured in GB!
  • Replacable Switch and feet tripples the useful life in comparison with some imported lighter duty units.
  • Self re-setting thermal cut out protection as standard.
  • High Resistance to Abrasion and Impact Damage.
  • Individually Serialized.
  • Full calibration and refurb service available here in Sheffield
  • Industry approved.


240/220/110 Volts AC
12 Volts DC

Max Current:

240v   -  2.1 Amps
220v   -  1.8 Amps
110v   -  3.7 Amps


3.25 Kg

Pole Section:

25 mm x 25 mm

Mains Lead:

Heavy Duty 4 metres.


BS 6072 Part 15.3/15.4

4.5 KG AC lift test DC Lift test.







Manufacturer: Johnson And Allen Ltd, UK

.Fexible Permanent Magnet

This fully adjustable magnet allows the testing of the most awkward component.

  • Specially developed modern alloys produce a very high field strength/weight ratio. 
  • Will lift in excess of 20 Kilograms.
  • No Keeper required.
  • Complies with reference standard BS6072 Para 15.3 + American and European standards.
  • Weighs only 1 Kilogram.
  • 2700 Gauss at each Pole..
  • 7000 Gauss with 1.75 mm pole spacing. Effective usable gap 150mm (recommended).
  • Supplied individually serialized.




Manufacturer: Johnson And Allen Ltd, UK.

J.A.M Permanent magnet

New Model - with increased lifting power.
Ideal "on-site" permanent magnet.


  • Lifts to excess of 18 kg as required by most current MPI standards
  • Universal adjustment through rotating feet and swinging arms.
  • Keeper plate stores inside handle slot, when in use.
  • Complies with reference standard BS6072 Para 15.3 
  • Weight with keeper 2.8 kg.
  • Individually serialised.



POLYMAG - Permanent Magnet with Protective Coating

Manufacturer: Jonson And Allen Ltd, UK.

Polymag Permanent Magnet

Magnets by their nature are inherently brittle, and susceptible to damage.  Complete encapsulation significantly reduces the risk of breakage.


  • 45 kg lift capacity
  • Complete all in one encapsulation forms protective coating and moulded handle.
  • High visibility orange colour
  • Tough non-brittle polymer which will not crack.  Resistant to impact damage, abrasion and most chemicals.
  • Intergral heavy duty handle enables easy removal from work piece reducing operator fatigue.
  • Complies with BS6072 Para. 15.3 and European and American MPI Standards
  • Ideal as a search and retrieval magnet, or alternatively as underwater securing clamp.
  • Long life expectancy (always replace keeper after use).
  • Supplied with individual serial numbers.



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