Demolition/Jack Hammers

DEWALT D25941k: 12 kg Demolition Hammer.

12Kg Demolition HammerPowerful and durable 1600 Watt motor delivers outstanding concrete breaking
Active Vibration Control system incorporating a counterbalance mass and
floating handle delivers extremely low vibration.
In line design for better handling and quick change chisel adjustment allows
fast orientation of the chisel through 12 preset positions.
Magnesium housings ensure maximum durability and minimum weight.

 Standard Equipment: Multi-position side handle, Pointed chisel, Grease,
Cloth, Heavy duty carrying case.


DEWALT D25980/ D25980K; 30 kg Pavement Breaker.

30Kg Pavement Breaker Large oversize mechanism delivers extreme durability and excellent breaking
2000 Watt motor delivers outstanding efficiency and durability.
Active Vibration Control offers safer, more comfortable use and more
Suspended Handle System absorbs the rebound and, working with the AVC,
delivers the lowest vibration on the market.

*K version comes with trolley (D259801)

  D25941k D25980/ D25980K
Power Input  1600 Watts 2000 Watts
 Power Output   790 Watts  986 Watts
 Blows per Minute 1620 bpm  870 bpm
 Impact Energy  30.6 J  68 J
 Tool Holder  19mm Hex  28 mm Hex
Weight 13.1 kg 31 kg
Length x Height 750 x 250 mm 780 x 620 mm


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