Chipping Hammers (Pneumatic)

 Chipping Hammer

The T #2, #3 & #4 Chipping hammers are .680 Rd. Shank Oval Collar designed for heavy duty use. Solid steel construction and hard hitting tool steel pistons give years of service. Use 90 PSI to get maximum life. Higher pressure shortens tool life.

All three Chipping Hammers take round shank oval collar chisels and come complete with the #23431N3 chisel retainer.

Manufacturer Model Nbr. Bore & Stroke Blows/Min. Shank Dia. Length Weight Air Pressure
Taylor Pneumatics, USA. T#3 1-1/8”X3” 1900 .680" 16-1/4” 15-5/8 lbs. 90 PSI Max.


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